Is Not-knowing in the way of Clarity?

Is Not-knowing in the way of Clarity?
Not-knowing or better known as ignorance is never a hindrance, rather it is an invitation to true-knowing or clarity.

So then what’s in the way?
Fake knowledge is in the way of clarity. By fake knowledge I mean the knowledge which we don’t really have but we pretend to have it for the sake of others. As far as objective knowledge is concerned, this attitude does not harm much. But we not only use this so called knowledge while talking to others but also while resting in ourself or talking to our loved ones. Out of long practice of such attitude creates a sort of layer between us and everything else. And we cease to see nature of things. This is called confusion.

How confusion impacts our life and how our expectations go wrong:
Because of confusion we are not able to perceive the nature of things correctly. The wrong perception results in wrong judgment about people and situations. So effectively we start expecting things which are not going to happen. Now we can see how our life becomes full of sufferings.


10 thoughts on “Is Not-knowing in the way of Clarity?

  1. vow…. the title itself gives me a very optimistic feeling….. and i feel the need for clarity…. the reason for sufferings. Waiting for more…..

  2. Beautiful Rajee bhai…..
    Really its like, very pure water … flowing with certain way,, where we never give a little concern in the whole Life….

    Very true…

    The Joy of cliarity …!!!

  3. This is really nice. The important part is, the language here is the same language that I understand, and I am not talking about ‘English’. 🙂
    I am sure I will be one of the beneficiaries.

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