In the stillness of Being

In the stillness of Being,
Silence pervades before the beginning of time.

All is happening in time,
And time is happening in the silence of Being.

Friend, if you are experiencing struggle in life,
Can it be that you are trying too hard to get it?

Would you try another approach?
Would you let life solve the problem life has brought to you?

In the silence of Being all is perfect, as it is right now.
Even the apparent imperfection is so perfect that no effortful perfection can be a match.

Even ‘you’ who is trying to fix it with all it’s problems experienced, is so perfect fit in the wholeness of the silence of Being.

You get it my friend?

My heart wants to share this with you despite the fact that these words may be misunderstood and you may continue with the struggle of life.

I wish it helps you in some way.

Self-Inquiry is Light unto itself

Basically inquiring into the self is, bringing light of seeing onto the seer or seeing source.

The answer of ‘Who am I’ is not found as an object in the field of perception inside and outside, but this question is resolved in the source of seeing.

The effort of Self-Inquiry highlights our attachment with the objects of perceptions within (generally seen as thoughts and feelings) and breaks it.

Once the attachment with what is being perceived is broken, the light of seeing becomes free to fall onto itself. The Seeing Presence wonders ‘Who am I’, there are no questions here, no answers, just pure sense of wonder revealing the deepest truth of life.

‘Appa Deepo Bhava’ – Be a light unto yourself

‘Who am I’ is a true friend

The question ‘Who am I’ is a true friend, which doesn’t hesitate in showing the seeker of truth what’s false while reflecting all along what’s true.

Though at first this question seems like a practice that’s going to bring spiritual growth and awakening in time and it works that way too for some time, but in essence it’s a question on the existence of the one who is asking this question.

Mostly one continues selecting truest version of the false that is shown in the mirror of this question, which matches the image of the True-Self one carries in the mind. The process of questioning ‘Who am I’ may take different turns like this but fundamentally it must give the questioner this shock that ‘I don’t know who I am’.

Once the questioner knows experientially that I don’t know who I really am, the doors for exploration open up; exploration of what the questioner already is. In this exploration one doesn’t care to define before experiencing what is there within oneself. It’s an experience based exploration, which is mostly felt like feeling-knowing.

This is one of the pointers for Self Inquiry I feel like sharing today with all of you dear friends.

Hope it will help you!

Is there an option to know the Truth?

Dear Seeker of Truth,

Is knowing the Truth one of the options?
If yes then what’s the other option?

Is there any such option of Not knowing the Truth? If there is no such option then why there is struggle in knowing the Truth?

Doesn’t knowing the Truth imply exploration of what is already the case? Then how can there be struggle in exploration of what is already the case.

May be there is a belief that exploration of what is already here, needs special tools, approaches or powers.
Have you tried to explore your present self with the present capacity of exploration that you have?

Anyone who has explored the Truth of who one is within oneself in this moment, with the present capacity of exploration, has hit the Jackpot.

These are just few pointers, which may highlight the blind spots living in the seeing capacity itself.

Are you up for exploration?

Primal Innocence and Sense of Knowledge

Dear Seeker of Truth,

There is an innocence in the depth of all Beings, yet it’s mostly covered by sense of knowledge.
This innocence is pure intelligence, pure capacity of seeing, the mirror of Being in which nature of everything is being revealed all the time.

What seems to cover this primal innocence is the sense of knowledge, the sense that ‘I know this completely’. Sense of knowledge seems to be a collection of conclusions. These conclusions are sort of an agreement in the Being for taking a previous experience to be sufficient to encounter the freshness of this moment.

We don’t need to really remove this collection of conclusions (Sense of knowledge) in order to uncover the primal innocence. All we need is to allow ourself to see and revisit some of these conclusions in openness. Once some of the fundamental conclusions are revisited in openness, it starts becoming clear to us that it’s not really knowledge but more a memory of a direct or indirect experience of life. Slowly less and less value is given to this sense of knowledge and Being starts staying in an intermediate ‘Sense of not knowing’. This sense of not knowing is primal innocence covered with a thin shadow of sense of knowledge. Here value is given more and more to authentic knowing over partial knowing (sense of knowledge). The thin shadow of sense of knowledge fades away slowly by itself due to lack of value given to it.

Have a wonderful day of Clarity