The “ Wake Up” Mantra

You know yourself, when you wake up to who you are. This is the sequence. You can not know yourself without waking up to who you are, from what you think you are. So you have to wake up from what you think you are to what you are really, and then you will know yourself. So, if you want to know yourself, wake up. If you want to be happy, wake up. If you want to know the truth of life, wake up. If you want to enjoy life, wake up. If you want to live a spontaneous life, wake up. If you want to live life free from suffering, hassel, sense of responsibility, wake up.

There is really no other answer, we only believe that there has to be some other answer for my problems. So if there is no other answer, to anything, that is sense of struggle in us, then how it can be difficult or impossible? Then if it is impossible or difficult, let’s say for you in this case, then life has created a strange thing. Then you are in a trap of almost long suffering, long trap of suffering in this case. No? The problem we are experiencing will be solved only when you wake up and you can not (do not want to) wake up, so it’s an impossibility, then you are left with to do nothing.

So, this is what I am trying to tell you that waking up is a sure shot, is the only thing which can be guaranteed actually. But question is, how much you are enjoying life? How much you are suffering it? That basically is the key here. But if you are enjoying life, it basically means that life has problems but it’s OK, it will do. Like “I am OK with this”. But when you say it is not OK with this, then you will try to make some fundamental changes by changing location, relation and job and so on. And if it doesn’t work then you will try something else like, adventure, sports and so on. When even that doesn’t work then you will try may be art and even that doesn’t work then we will try philosophy, literature and so on. And even when that doesn’t work then you know that the problem is still there, I am not happy with life or the way life is for me or the way I am experiencing life, and yet it is not solved. So, then we will try to find some radical way. Then only mostly we will accept that, Really Truly we will accept that waking up is the (only) way. Otherwise mostly it looks like too big an achievement (smiles). It is not really, it is not a too big achievement. It is just that what we are living with, living in, is almost like an experiencial dream, not like a dream separate from experience. If you stop caring about experiences, if you stop valuing experiences you are out of it, into your true state.

(Excerpts from Spontaneous talks, April 2018, Pune)

The Power of merging or meeting

The Power of merging or meeting, a true meeting, is so much actually. When we are meeting as two people, then life is enjoying separately from each other. It is like two selves meeting, which are separate from each other. And somehow, even for few minutes, we are able to relax into This-ness, into each other also, and merge into each other also sometime even, then the deeper Self than the personal self is kind of tasted by the individual, the personal Selfs. And based on our capacity also it is understood or seen or discovered also, upto the extent that we don’t forget even, after this meeting, after this joy of merging into each other. And if such a merging continues, and we allow ourselves to be merged into something beyond ourself, then slowly the deeper self, starts functioning in a way. Functioning means, it starts functioning in you.. Meaning, it kind of takes over you – the person. And you the person discovers that I am the deeper self, not the person. Person is a function, not a reality. I am the reality, person is my activity. Like this you discover, slowly slowly. And if you continue like this, in your deeper self state, you will discover, there is a deepest state also, beyond this actually, where you see that living as the deeper Self is not so different than living as a person. It is the same material, without giving any shape. So, Presence is the material the person is made of. But we value – the shape of the person, the mask, the image, the body the conditioning, the thoughts, the way of looking – more, that we don’t value the material it is made of. The thoughts, the body, the mind, the intellect, the intelligence, creativity, everything that we can experience in ourself is made of the consciousness, that is Presence, that is what you are actually.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting 4th June, 2018)

Maya can affect Maya, cannot affect the Witness

Questioner: I just want to connect with you, it’s been a busy few weeks and just been absorbed in sort of worldly activities and sort of (wish to) start fresh and sort of recommit myself to this exploration.

Rajee – Yes, yes, very nice, very nice.
I mean for connecting with the Truth, everybody actually has to do the same thing, that come back Here where you are. But it is not possible to come back where we are, because of our engagement with the mind. You feel that “I am caught up in the mind” and (where as) I see you are not. What to do now? This is strange thing. So this is why probably you need some help. This help is called satsang.

So if you feel that you are caught up (in the mind), it is not really what is being caught up. (In actual sense)What is being caught up is thinking about being caught up. Now you are not caught up (so) why you are thinking about it? Now you have come to satsang, now why there is need to think about it? And like this you can so naturally come back and reconnect with yourself.

You have to begin somewhere and this beginning has to be Stopping, not moving. If you want to come back to yourself, begin by stopping, begin by not moving. If you want to go out of yourself, begin by moving.

So when you stop, what happens? Right now you stop and then see what happens. You stop and that restlessness which is causing, which is asking you to move still continues and that’s how we get trapped again into the trap of mind that,”Oh, I stopped but still the trouble has not been resolved yet”, then we try to solve it, then we move, then we give the momentum to the mind more, and that’s how this becomes a Catch 22. Chasing your own tail. You can never do it; Never, never.(Rajee laughs)
So begin by stopping and have patience, have patience to experiment and to see the results of it. What do you say dear?

Questioner: Ya, I feel that, this is what I needed to hear, there was, there’s lot of energy turning in the last while and it was trying to stop and then just there was so much discomfort, I would just jump right out of it, yeah, and it just resonates to me what you’re saying.

Rajee – And when you feel like jump, rather than jumping out of it, jump into your Self which is actually equal to jumping out of it. If you jump out of it but not jumping into your Self then you are not jumping out of it actually. Then it is just another portion or part of consciousness which appears to be more still, more pleasant, more joyful right now, but it’s going to turn into this same thing again after some time. So jump in your Self which is radically different than this consciousness which moves, which changes. I mean probably some people will not like it but this part of consciousness which moves is called Maya or mind – the universal mind, which has small portions, in itself which are called individual minds or personal minds. The Seer of life is the Seer of the universal mind, not only individual mind and that’s how it is free from mind and its effects. Mind can affect mind only, mind cannot affect the Seer of mind. Maya can affect Maya, cannot affect the witness. So jump in, into that space, that radically different position which is witnessing position. Witnessing means you are not concerned, how things will turn, which way things will go, if you remain noisy. If your mind remains noisy, it’s fine you don’t mind and if you feel that, ‘No, what do you mean if my mind remains noisy then what is the point of spiritual growth and spiritual awakening?’, then it means you are affected by the noise of mind. Check, who are you? Who is affected by the noise of mind? Because as far as I know you are not affected and you say ‘I am affected by the noise of mind.’ Like you say that, “I need to bring my state in a certain way”. I say you don’t need to. So the You which I know does not need its state to be peaceful, its noisy state is same for it as its peaceful state. The noisy state of the ocean is same for the ocean as its peaceful state, where there are no waves. If you have objection about the noisy state of the ocean, of your being, of your mind then check, who are you? Who has objection about it? Are you not a misunderstanding? Or are you not holding onto some misunderstanding about your life, about your mind, and about your state? Just check this. This much will be enough to wake up to what you are.

(Excerpts from weekly reconnect call with Focus Group Members, April 2018)

Just Be Present and go to the Root

Questioner – Is it important to see all the machinations and the compulsion of the ego and mind when you are waking up? And is it important to confront them with the presence? Is it important?

Rajee – It is like this. What you are saying is like this. When you are waking up basically means, you are turning your attention inwards. This is what is waking up. Unless you turn your attention inwards, you cannot see what is beyond the person, beyond the ego. And that is your Presence, your sweet Enlightened Presence inside you. So, it means that waking up means turning your attention inwards in the direction of the ‘I’ which is beyond the sense of being an individual person, a separate person. And that basically involves collapsing of the structure of Ego and many tendencies which are suppressed and many memories which are also being held in some way by the sense of person – they will surface. They will kind of stir up. And what started this whole thing was your attention turning inward, and your attention now focussing itself onto what you are beyond the sense of person. If all this stirring up cannot distract you, meaning your attention from inward then you don’t have to attend anything. If you can keep your focus inward, in the direction of the self that you are, the presence that you are, you don’t have to attend anything at all. But if, continuously, your attention is wavering from in to out, then you must find out the root cause of that; not every item, but may be kind of a root of many items, few items. Then you will reach to some root cause of something like an impulse inside you (or) some deep memory of something which you were not even aware of. Like there are some experiences inside us which have a sort of memory also but we cannot correlate, that what exactly it is? Some faces that we don’t even recognize sometime.

So, just Be Present and go to the root of it and just be present Here. And that will take care (of it). Because the root has to be released, the unconsciousness has to be released. Otherwise it will keep producing or keep releasing the unconscious energies in bits and pieces and you will be troubled continuously and distracted. So if you can avoid, (it is) the best; ignore, (it is)the best; cannot ignore then look into it. Go with all your power of your presence and your neutral seeing.

I hope I answered your question? Ok (smiles)

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, 6th June 2018)

Life has to employ the Zen way to Wake you up

The final pointing that has to be made in the direction of and the truth of yourself has to be as fresh as possible. Whatever is told (to a seeker) repeatedly, kind of (gets) stored in the mind and it kind of loses its power relatively. And that’s why life has to find different, new ways to point to the same Truth. It’s all about seeing in the moment, being available in the moment. Not that, what I talk what you listen. The more you are available, the more possibility to see the Truth. And how it happens is – by sometime bringing new ideas, new examples – New.

Talking spirituality and getting to it or getting it, are two different things. When you have to get the Truth, life has to employ its more immediate, spontaneous and real life situations. (It) cannot be just flowery languages and concepts. Meaning in a simple way I can say, life has to employ more, the Zen way to wake you up(smiles). Which does not necessarily mean that throwing you off, out of the window or things like this, but also it means being more immediate, losing contact from the past as much as possible. Not always but just in between, sometimes, suddenly. And you cannot be prepared for it. And if you are prepared, the whole thing will backfire, it will not work. It works only, when you are not prepared for it. It’s a knock at the door of the heart. So that what, who is living inside the heart, can open the door from inside. And like this you wake up to the Truth that, ”I am the emptiness of the heart.” not what happens in it, (or) in front of it. Like this you wake up, like “Oh, I am the emptiness of the heart, I am my emptiness, I am emptiness of myself, I am my absence, not my presence.” you know?

It’s beautiful. (smiles)

(Spontaneous Talks at Dharamshala, May 2018)

We want everybody’s approval about our image

Questioner: I like this part about the Doer and think sometimes (that) I am also doing it out of ego. So my ego also wants like I am also interested in the appearance of the creator, so basically I am most of the time wasting energy in appearance ‘ki mai kaise dikhunga’,(eng-How will I look?) like equally important ‘meri image se kya fark padta hai? (eng-What difference my image will make?)

Rajee – Actually it is true, but at the same (time) I want to say that as long as you enjoy the image there is nothing wrong actually but remember the cost of it, the cost will be conflict.

Questioner: This is exactly what I understand.
Rajee – There is nothing wrong in living because mostly what happens is that we are living, maintaining our image. A lot of investment going in it, and still we want life to be happy or we want everybody’s approval about our image that everybody should accept me and respect. And this is not going to happen anyway. Even great Gods’ men came, they were not accepted, because it is a matter of taste, it is a matter of opinion and judgment. Not everybody can give judgment in favour of you that, ‘Hey! you are the best guy happened in life’. So it is going to be a conflicting state always, like there will always be one man who will not like you (Rajee laughs) even if the whole world likes you. And that one man will be heavier for you than anybody else who likes you, this is the ego problem – why this guy does not like me, why everybody likes you, particularly if “everybody likes me” let’s say “one million people like me, why this guy does not like me?” It will pinch you more now because it has capacity to puncture your balloon of image and you will sense that I am not safe as long as this guy is outside of the balloon. (But) Because you are pure intelligence, you can sense much more than you can imagine right now, it is just that you are busy that you don’t experience or exercise your full intelligence and power.

I mean I don’t say that change anything, I say “See Clearly” this is what it is. Then you know what is the cost of it. The desire to be other than what’s happening is coming from this mind which is not mature -(eg) I want ‘chai’ but I don’t want to have acidity. So this is our problem, not seeing things as they are. See everything as it is and be happy.

Anything else you want to say, please you can say.

Questioner – I like this idea about this let-go. I’m still wasting my time worrying about my image

Rajee – Yes, yes, yes, I mean the good news for you is that you have already started sensing it. It is good news. Most of the people living on Earth are not even aware that they are not Aware, are not even conscious that they are not Conscious. Like, they don’t know what it means to be conscious and without being conscious you cannot experience life so they are conscious but they are not as much conscious that they can be, that is what I mean.

Their consciousness is like a power that they have, not the reality that they are. So (for the) rest of themselves, it is like, what is ego? It is the unconscious base from where you are living life and obviously to live life you need consciousness, so it has consciousness but it has only one directional consciousness not this direction (Rajee pointing towards Self). So the base remains in darkness, center remains in darkness from where you live and when center also gets enlightened, it’s amazing. Life is like both ways, like a Two Headed Arrow of Awareness through and through all included and everything is very nicely flowing.

At any point of time anyone of you feel any conflict when you are nicely resting in Yourself, don’t pick up this idea that there is a problem. If you feel conflict just stay, Just Stay and See what’s going on. Because who is experiencing conflict right now? “I am experiencing”. “I am” means what? It is actually life experiencing conflict, life will solve it. You don’t move and then see what happens. This is the state of, you can say, “Let-go” which is like a state you have created out of understanding and beyond that is our natural state which is not even let-go state, it is like let-go activity all inclusive.

(Excerpts from Spontaneous Meetings, Pune)