This moment, Right Now is that place

I want to tell all of you, that if you get some peace inside you, which is not caused by anything, don’t move from there. As long as you can stay there stay there, like this. This is that this moment right now is that place, that dimension of peace. If you are touched by what is happening right now just stay here. Forget about journey now, forget about defining it now, forget about what you see and what you do not right now. Live it, drink it, it is to drink, not to itemize, no? Drink it. This is home. This is home.

(Excerpts from Focus Group 9th August, 2018)

When the Soul is Not Relaxed

There are different subtle – subtleties of the identity or entity you can say inside us, not all of them are ego identity, but still there is some identity, some entity inside like a form, very subtle, not ego, not called ego-mind but still there is some sense of existence, which is necessary, which is like the highest position of the soul you can say, and yet the soul is not relaxed.

So what I am saying is that it is perfect to see and to confirm that I can see this, but also when the sweetness of life is inviting you right now then it is also sometimes nice to take the invitation and let go, so that you can see what is effortless and you can also notice the effortless seeing which is present. That’s why I say – just seeing is what is necessary. When you ‘Just See’ you don’t say that even this can be seen. There is no ‘even’ here, there is no list here. What can be seen is all there is. There is no comparison, there is no past, there is no journey, there is no completion or incompletion, perfection or imperfection, so it’s not something perfecting itself, it is just the way it is right now.

It is more like an invitation to sink in or slip into your effortless seeing which is the Being, the Joy, the Sweetness, the Celebration. It’s just one package in which everything comes, which is right now here and undivided. If you catch one you get all (smiles).

(Excerpts from Focus Group 9th August, 2018)

When our own existence becomes a burden

The full Truth is known when our own existence becomes a burden, when our existence becomes a burden like ‘I can see everything and yet I’m not happy’, you know like this, ‘Like I’m not effortless, I’m not relaxed and (Rajee exhales) (not) in Heaven’. Then we dissolve, then we pray for dissolution. Then the capacity of pure seeing evolves in itself in such a way at some point that it kind of becomes clear to it that my very existence is the only problem, otherwise all is Truth.

(Excerpts from Focus Group 9th August, 2018)

Simply See – without Intention

All the forms of seeing are generally attached to some intention, to some desire. And if somehow we can achieve this what I call simple seeing or just seeing – Just Seeing – if you can kind of start, if you learn how to rest in this free space or state of you, from where you can see without any intention, then the Truth of life is revealed actually. The Truth of body, Truth of mind, Truth of relations, Truth of sense of identity, Truth of experiencing – everything.

Whenever you see anything inside you, you have some intention to see it, no? Like we want to see, so that we can change it in a certain way and even when we don’t have a kind of explicit desire to change it, still there is some implicit desire that I will keep seeing it and I will become free from it. So still, there is a desire here and so the seeing is not free yet. Only the free seeing, a free look can make you free actually,

Just remember that seeing and intention has to be differentiated. I’m not saying that you remove or separate the intention with the seeing, at the level inside you where it is happening – No. Only see this that my seeing is influenced by or accompanied by intention or originated from intention. And when you can see this, your deeper, more relaxed and free seeing kind of gets activated in you, wakes up in you. This pure seeing, this effortless seeing, this just seeing is that Awareness which is actually, already and always Free.

(Excerpts from Focus Group 9th August, 2018)

You Have Come Home (Part 2 of 2)

Your intention is genuine to learn, my intention is genuine to teach and still we will not succeed. Do you see this? So both are genuine parties and still we will not succeed, just because of this. So would it not be better to do this fundamental work first, than to continue believing we are growing, we are growing and we don’t grow. Or believing that we are reaching and we don’t reach? Would it not be better like this? And I want to tell you, if this conceptual framework of mind or communication system can be exposed fully, You Have Come Home. (smiles)

You will not need to use any concepts for communication of Truth between us at least. So it is not that we need to use concepts so strictly to communicate the Truth – for me, to listen from you and for you to listen from me. It is that, you insist, you are holding onto the concept too strongly inside, using them also very strictly and plus we are not synchronizing our meaning also. Then it’s too dangerous. So let us continue using concepts, which is unavoidable but at least synchronize our meanings, Isn’t it like this?

(see Part 1)

Our Communication Protocol (Part 1 of 2)

Are you sure what I mean by witnessing? Do you also mean the same? Would it not be better to discuss about these things first? Would it not be better to test our communication protocol, before we start communicating? Would it not be better to test our email system, let’s say messaging system?

Would it not be common sense to be first of all to come to the ground of reality between me and you, as right now when we are together like this as a teacher-student that you also understand, you also have the same meaning in your mind, your understanding about this concept is same as mine also? Would it not be better? Otherwise, do you imagine how dangerous it is, for us to use concepts?

There was one man, who sent his servant to market buy two bananas. He brings one banana.
He says, “Where is the second banana?”
He says, “It’s here.”
He says, ”Listen, I am asking you, where is the second banana?”.
He says, “It’s here”.
”Are you crazy? Do you not understand, what do you mean, what I mean by second?”
He said, ”I do fully understand.”
He said, ”Then where is the second banana?”
He says, “It’s here.”
He says, “Oh OK”. Then he kind of stops and thinks again, “OK, where is the first banana?”
He says, ”I ate it.”
He says, ”How?”
He peels it off and eats the second banana, “Like this.”

Do you see the risk of using concept; second banana. And we will continue talking like this.

(see Part 2)