Invitation of this moment

When your seeing is penetrated and kind of focused, is it wrong or bad? No, neither it is bad nor wrong. It has a utility, it is useful in a certain manner, and when you need to see the Truth of life you cannot afford to be focused, your seeing has to be completely relaxed. That is what is called effortless and that’s why it has to be free from intention, and it’s a very difficult thing to do. Like it’s almost impossible to make your intention separate, free from your seeing, because all the capacity of seeing is already serving different intentions and different beings, because the capacity of seeing is all there is. There is no other energy or power or anything like this.

So, sometimes the invitation of this moment can be very helpful to discover something which we are not aware of. Like ‘Oh, this kind of seeing is also possible actually?’ And the intention creates sort of a specific seeing which becomes like your field of view, like a fixed field of view and obviously there are fixed items in the view and so on, and that is what we call ‘my life’ and ‘I’ becomes the owner of this life.

This ‘I’ remains like a blind spot, like a dark space under the lamp. And it’s not a Truth, it’s not a Truth. You the Seer is the Truth, what you are seeing is also true, but not this much only. When you relax in your Self without any intention to see anything, then you see the whole of the whole of it. When you see the whole of it then only you see the Truth. Truth cannot be seen in parts. What is seen in parts is what is called the world, or when it is more specific then ‘my world, my life’.

(Excerpts from Focus Group 9th August, 2018)

What is going on? (Right Now)?

The very effort of trying to be free keeps you in that loop where your seeing is accompanied by an intention and because of that it becomes impure and now you cannot See what is the case. You see what you want to see actually. That’s why our seeing is not only seeing what is there, but also it is projecting in some way what we want to see. That is why (for) a free being (it) is necessary to see the Truth.

How you will be free? That’s the biggest question actually. By understanding also, by listening what I’m sharing right now, if it resonates in you, things start changing in you, like an understanding kind of starts correcting by itself inside you, that ‘It’s true, at least few minutes a day I must have some free time to Just See, even outside also it’s alright’, but if possible, (then) more importantly inside.

‘Just what is going on really?’ Maybe you can say here you have an intention that you want to know. But to know is – intention to know without any outcome, separate from knowing. It is not really that intention which I’m talking about, or at least it’s not that heavy as to fully, totally influence your seeing and, pollute your view. So it is a very good point to begin with – Just to See, to Know, see to See, you know what I mean, that what is going on? (Right Now)?

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group 9th August, 2018)