Courage to encounter ‘This’

The biggest courage one needs or one can have is to encounter ‘This’. When one can appreciate being what one is, where you are, the way you are, immediately the Truth of life start revealing itself. But when we are in the ego state we have a very strong tendency to hold, to conclude very quickly and that is what creates confusion inside us, that we every day try to conclude things, that ‘OK, I saw the Truth today’. No, you did not give enough space and time for it to bring you to a right state from where you feel that ‘I see the Truth’ and still you don’t lose it. Otherwise we see the Truth, we lose it, we see the Truth, we lose it, and we conclude it in so many different ways, again and again, you know what I mean? So don’t be in a hurry to conclude if you really want to know the Truth. Just learn how to come back here again and again, and just stay here. So many apparent ugliness of yourself and others might be seen, but don’t believe that. It’s not True. You have just started seeing the Truth, but you have not seen enough to see the beauty of life and the wisdom of God yet. So don’t be in a hurry. Continue, continue. This is what is called Satsang, a supporting environment where you are just brought gently back to where you are really, your attention, your energies are just brought back to where you are. And this does the whole miracle of waking up and seeing the Truth and everything like this. There is no other magic than just being where you are, and seeing what you see and feeling what you feel.
~ Rajee
(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)

Ugliness is just a perspective

Questioner: Earlier I would be scared of talking to you Rajee because I thought that Rajee is the other and he’s really going to show me all the ugliness in me and now I just want you to show it.

Rajee: You are giving me a very difficult job actually, because all I see in you is beauty and more beauty and more beauty and more beauty and I feel love and more love and more love and more love(smiles). You are giving me a very difficult thing to do to see ugliness in you. How I would do that? Because ugliness is just a perspective, not a reality, ugliness is just a perspective and resistance created out of that point of view that it should not be so, which multiplies actually. Inside us there is like a circles upon circles upon circles, one circle supporting another circle, and like this. Like, ‘All trees should be green’. Very innocent, apparently very innocent statement and it creates now ugliness in life. Any tree which is not green is ugly, you know what I mean? So how can I help you in removing that ugliness which does not exist? There is naturalness, not ugliness. Things are as they are inside you. I can help you relax in your Self, but don’t ask me to help you see the ugliness which does not exist. Or ask me to help you see that there is no ugliness inside you There is only divinity in different forms, in different ways. All of it actually, all of it is divine, the whole of you is divine, not just the presence or the stillness.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)

The other ‘person’ can highlight your personal mind

Questioner: Namaste Beloved, when you were talking about there is no other and the other is just something inside you, it just stirred something where I just felt that when I was meeting other, as such, I was scared of my own projection that I would see outside and when you said that there is no other outside, I could just see that there are just projections then and nothing else.

Rajee: It is true actually. When we try to avoid ugliness outside of our Self, we actually are trying to avoid ugliness inside of our Self which is highlighted by some situation or some person. It is true. I’m not saying that remove it or change it or do anything, just know that it is so, that is what I mean. So that we start working on the right platform or right level, right direction and we kind of stop cursing or blaming or fighting with people, which don’t even know that they are triggering your ugliness inside you. The other ‘person’ can highlight your personal mind and suppressed or hidden or unconscious components, which constitute the personal construct but the teacher in the form of other can highlight your Truth. This is the value of meeting a teacher or being in the presence of a teacher. It highlights your Truth which is beyond your personal components and construct. It’s a very direct thing. So use both. It will be used actually anyway, life will decide, that you will be still meeting other people while you are meeting the teacher also, no? Like this, so that what is holding your attention and energy inside you, or holding your value, will be highlighted.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)

Meeting the Other

One very kind of significant and kind of funny thing I want to also share here, where is the other? Is it out there or is it in here? Actually it is in here. The other that we see outside of our body is actually in here. We never meet the other which is outside of our body in a full sense, in an emotional sense. We will just physically meet the physicality of life, our physical body meets the physicality of life outside of itself, but the one who lives in this body does not really meet the other outside, out there, it meets the other in here, actually. So all the others which I see outside of my Self are actually living inside me here,. That is why we kind of have a fear of meeting the other outside of our Self, and that is why a meeting with the teacher can be used in such a powerful way, that you can meet the other inside You and see that there is no other, that you can discover that there is just one. Because the teacher is not projecting the other-ness in the form of this egoic flavor or stickiness. It is like pure emptiness embracing you and but still presenting itself as somebody that you see, perceive as the other, like the form is still there.

Finding the center

Rajee: Just try to feel from where you are speaking, like from where these words are originating. Where is your centre from where you are speaking right now? Just try to sense it right now. Lightly, just lightly sense, you don’t need really like an aggressive seeing here.

And as a matter of fact, in this state where we are together, even not speaking anything is loud enough to sense where is the centre from where you are not speaking. I don’t mean that you are going to find a centre but I’m saying that you are clear that you are not finding a centre right now.

Questioner: Yes exactly.

Rajee: That’s what I mean.

And in a very sober and normal, natural state, this clear seeing, in a sober and simple ground, where body-mind and its background is still there, is a sure way to remove the illusion of separation. The illusion of separation is removed like this, otherwise it will continue, because you are in your deep, deep Samadhi state and there is nobody else, and when you come out again there is somebody who is living and now questioning what to do and who I am,. So we are bringing both of them together here now in this sober simple simple simple seeing.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)