Learn this art to not fight or resist to what is being given to you

If you want to go all the way inside your Self, to the very core of Life and to the home of God, then be where you are right now. Learn this art to be where you are. Learn this art to not fight or resist to what is being given to you, what is being known by you and what is being seen by you, inside you, because this is what is going to lead you to go all the way. Because what is bondage if not an unlived desire? When it is unlived desire of you, body or mind, it cannot survive generally the time so much, so it will be mostly kind of suppressed or hidden, packaged, for the next life maybe. But when it is desire of life, then you will keep holding like this here, until you see what you, what life wants to show you right now.
So be where you are, see what life is showing you, inside you, in this spiritual context I am saying only, not in the practical life. Feel what life is giving you, eat what life is feeding you. This is the way of, this is the surrender to life, that I am knowing what, this is the fastest possible way, this is the organic way of life, but more like a existential way beyond nature, manifested existence. Fastest possible way, and effortless and error free and struggle free and stress free. Difficult, very difficult but the most accurate you can say, this is the most, this is like finest possible way of aligning yourself to God, that ‘I’m happy to eat what is served today to me, I will eat it fully’, so show your creativity there and your totality there, not in going all the way.

True Knowing

Somebody asked one Zen Master that ‘What is your great secret of being the way you are, what you are, the knowledge that you have?’ He says, ‘When I feel hungry I eat, when I get tired, I sleep. This is my secret.’ Meaning, no resistance to what is happening and no ideas imposed on what is seen or understood, the way it is understood. Truth has to be understood the way life wants you to understand, not what the way you think you should understand it, and the way you think you should understand is the way to appreciate and avoid the True knowing. True knowing is happening by itself, but we don’t appreciate the True knowing, we evaluate whether it fits in my box of valuable knowing or not. (smiles) That’s how we are missing waking up and we continue growing spiritually. Is it not like this?

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)