Opening up in Satsang

Questioner: I just would like to come forward and meet, because there’s this little bit nervousness to come forward and speak, because there’s this feeling, ‘I don’t have anything to say and if to come forward and meet I have think about something to say’. This makes me a little bit uneasy, thank you.

Rajee – I feel like this, all the fear, all the hesitation, all the sense of, kind of inferiority or anything like this which stops us from opening up and connecting is ego, no? So not opening up is ego, opening up is your natural state, no? Like this. But whenever we try to open up outward, meaning to someone who is living in the personal space or state of consciousness, we kind of feel like we are filled by their feelings or emotions or energies and things like this. It looks like not a nice experience generally, and in the spiritual sense it is true also, up to some degree. So this is why you are invited to come to satsang and open up here. Because satsang is not a person but the very space, very presence of life, presence of existence. Very highlighted, it’s like very highlighted, like dominant, it’s very dominant here. And the mind and the personal tendencies are very low and kind of don’t exist basically in the light of satsang. So it’s all about opening up. Whenever you feel like this open up, that’s all, that’s all. It’s never about achieving anything because nothing can be added to you. Even if it was possible, it will be worthless compared to what you are already. You are this pure existence which is so very undivided and originally so that there is no gap for any quality to enter except its own inherent quality of being empty, present, silent, peaceful. So in the ultimate sense of waking up, all that you have to do is open up, open up, open up in the right environment, I would say the right environment is this togetherness of satsang, where no personal mind is working or trying to achieve anything.

In satsang you open up like this by encountering the Truth. The satsang, highest possibility in the satsang is encounter with the Truth. For no other reason just you want to face the Truth. And the process is – Open up, meaning, the process is that you feel kind of closed for some reason, like it’s just you can sense somehow very quickly or very clearly as you have sensed just now that it’s little bit like this, ‘OK, I will just come forward and ..’ You just want to be your Self now. You don’t want to achieve anything. So this is the Being which is asking this question or coming forward like this. It’s just so wonderful actually. Then I don’t have to teach you anything. You don’t have to learn also anything. And we just have to meet like this for some time until necessary. So that I can present my Self and offer my stillness as the mirror to you so that you can clearly see who you are. Satsang is that environment in which it becomes very, very simple and kind of very comfortable or easy also to kind of feel your Self when you are interested. Satsang is not really a place for growth or achievement of any sort in a spiritual way. It is a place to kind of acknowledge and value your Self. You are encouraged somehow.

What do you feel?

Questioner: Yes, I feel very much encouraged to open up and I feel this past few satsangs is really beautiful because I’m really in ‘This’, and not much discussion. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

Connected to the very fire of This-ness

Questioner: Hello, I have nothing to say, actually just no-one else was speaking so, I just clicked the button.

Rajee – Oh, yes, yes it’s nice. Because this is the highest possibility here, interaction, like this. Interaction not so much for solving anything or asking a question but more like – I just want to be online or how to say, connected to the very fire of This-ness. It’s really very valuable when it is done without any intention. Because then, it is basically coming from the very depth of your Self. Because ego is very happy when it has achieved some kind of sense of presence – little bit of a sense of understanding that ‘OK, this is what is happening today and I am doing well’. But the Being that you are, wants to burst open fully into what you are, and for that it is kind of ready to do everything. That everything looks nice but I still want to take chance and see what happens. Because ultimately what is happening, is meeting, is just meeting happening. Essentially there is nothing, nothing really being said or nothing being understood actually, fundamentally. All that is happening is just part of preparing, you are preparing yourself in a way to face the Truth of your Self inside you. The face, the Truth of this moment.

In a normal sense, you are the student, I am the teacher and I, the teacher, will continue trying to help you. You, the student, will try to take the help. But in a deeper sense, when you are open to face this Truth, I am your Truth, you are my Truth. You are my Truth beyond my-ness here. I am your Truth beyond your my-ness there. And if you face this Truth, that sense of my-ness, that hypnosis of my-ness breaks actually. This is the value of meeting also, no? So not what I am saying is important right now when you have come like this, I am important for you right now. My existence here has to be acknowledged by you right now as much as you can, which cannot be fully acknowledged by you in the ‘my’ state or this state of my-ness, I-ness. If you are encouraged to acknowledge my existence then you have to break out of this climate of I, my. And then as you are acknowledging what remains? ‘This’, which is not mine, which is not yours, and sense of mine in you and in me maybe belongs to ‘This’, arises from ‘This’, arises in ‘This’, lived by ‘This’. There is nobody else here which needs to be free from ego. Nobody else beloved, there is always Truth, which is living as This, sometime as limitation, sometime as This. Its own decision. No job given to anyone here to do anything particularly.

(Excerpts from Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

A feeling to Dissolve

Questioner – Bhaiya, I have a feeling to dissolve.

Rajee – You have feeling to dissolve. Ah! How nice. 
This feeling to dissolve is very beautiful and deep feeling, no? And yet this feeling to dissolve dissolves in front of you, inside you, leaving the pure space which does not need to be claimed or achieved by you because you are it. So don’t do anything about it. It is a very deep desire and it’s very fiery also. Feeling to dissolve cannot serve the ego, cannot help the ego to become stronger or thick, but it also cannot help the Truth in any way, so it cannot help you become more what you are already. So don’t entertain this but also don’t fight with it. It is like a fire, automatic fireworks going on inside you. You just let it be the way it is. It is a part of the process and it is the fire that is going on inside you that, ‘I feel like dissolving’. Who feels like dissolving? The space? The sky that you are inside you? How it can dissolve? into what? So this feeling to dissolve, let it dissolve. It will dissolve by itself. This feeling to dissolve is also containing that ‘I am there and I must dissolve before I can be my Self’. So this ‘feeling’ and this what is inside this feeling, ‘I’, both will dissolve by itself. You just stay in the fire of satsang here and in your Self. In your Self just stay as whatever you are now. Just don’t entertain it, don’t do anything about it. It is already undoing something inside you, which is the grace of life actually, Grace of God, that God has turned his face towards you, saying ‘Hello beloved, how are you?’ (smiles) So it’s a beautiful auspicious occasion in you, in your life.
What do you feel?

Questioner: Thank you, thank you Bhaiya.

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

Two only most valuable things

Beloveds, in this whole show, in this whole activity of teacher and student combination, teaching, satsang, instructions, following the instructions, pointing, following the pointing, darshan, meeting, there are only two things which are most valuable, everything else is kind of gradually changing and need to change and will change. The most valuable thing that is You and Me. These are the two only most valuable things and these are the only two Truths here, which are not two, but it’s alright to keep, feel it like two right now. These are the two only most valuable things here – You and Me. Not what you say, not what you do, not what I say, not what I do. The sooner you understand this the better. Because then we can have a real meeting, awakening meeting, a meeting which is enlightening meeting. Not that you are trying to fix things. When you are trying to fix things what are you doing exactly? Are you not trying to fix things of the ego? If you may allow me to say like this, You are trying to fix things or the problems of the ego, not the problem called ego, which creates all the problem by the way.

True knowledge happens in the depth, in the presence of your own Self. So you just stay in the presence and let everything happen, all the knowledge, all the true knowledge and experiencing take place. This is the best thing one can understand at the mind level that I cannot understand anything which can give me juice of life, which can give me happiness and excitement. And then you find someone, some situation, some teacher, teaching, some satsang or some technique also sometime to find that thing where you really understand something like, ‘Is there any place inside me where I can understand something Truly, not like in the mind level?’. At the mind level everything can be challenged. Everything that you understand can be challenged, it is just that the figure which is challenging has to be bigger than you energetically, which can create doubt in you, that ‘Are you sure you understand this?’, and you feel like, ‘Oh, ya I don’t know really’. But what you feel inside cannot be challenged because there is nobody separate inside, in the knowing of life, in the knowing of the being. The being and the knowing is one and the same thing, just like water. Like it’s like oceanic being inside you knowing itself and everything else in relation to that, you know, it’s like this, not the knowledge of the mind that ‘OK, this is the knowledge of the mind’, ‘So when did you know this?’, ‘I think yesterday I did come to know about it.’ So this yesterday means separate. And when you are asked, questioned about knowing, ‘So when did you know this?’, you say, ‘I don’t know when but I’m knowing it right now. I don’t know about when, but I’m knowing it right now.’ And will you know it tomorrow? ‘I don’t know. I will only know tomorrow when it will be there like this or not.’ And like this slowly you kind of move from the mind to the heart. This heart is this being, this ocean-like being inside you, like a space-like being inside you, when being and knowing is one and the same thing. So whether you are your Self or you are knowing your Self is one and the same thing. Then slowly some deeper knowledge takes place, knowledge of the Seer, the acknowledgement of the Seer that, ‘Hey! There is a Seer also!’ which is seeing everything.
So it’s fine, enjoy.

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

Beyond Doership

Questioner: Could you share more directly about this ‘Beyond Doership’ because something in there that really resonates. Please.

Rajee :(smiles) Beyond doership is the presence which is doing everything but under the impression of being a specific doer which has a name and a form called the body, and then a specific type of body and then other qualities of the name. So what is beyond the doership is the Presence, which is like there is no other doer inside you, except the presence only, because presence is that energy everything is made of inside you. But the presence as such does not know itself. Presence only is knowing itself as the body, as the name, and then as the construct of itself, like ‘I am someone’. ‘(This) I am someone’ means, when you do, you are the doer, when you sleep, you are sleeper, something like this you can say. So because we keep doing something or the other in the whole day, we get no chance for this fact to be highlighted that you are not only in the doing mode sometime but you also are not in a non-doing mode, but You still Exist when you are not in a doing mode. So when we continuously keep doing, when this presence that you are, gets too much involved in the doings of the body level, mind level and the sense of ’I am doing’ becomes strong enough then it itself kind of tries, starts keeping itself in a circle of belief that ‘I am doing’. And if ‘I am doing’ then, when it wants to, (when)it listens to the spiritual message that I have to be free from the sense of doer, then it asks, ‘OK, so tell me what should I do now to be free from the sense of doer’. So still it is asking about doing something. It’s whole language has changed. It has kind of got hypnotized, the presence has got hypnotized here. And that is why there is immense value of stopping in the whole day, like complete Let Go. And if it can be abrupt, even better, just not doing anything. And the attachment of the base consciousness, let’s say inside you or the consciousness starts decreasing. Attachment with with the activity when is not there, because the activity is not there (in the state of let go), then the sense of doer will definitely kind of dissolve up to some degree here, for the time being. And although it has a psychological aspect also which is what you call mind aspect, it will try to bring it, (and) that’s why everybody at first feels very restless when they are asked to just sit and do nothing. That sense of doer tries to bring itself to life, because it starts feeling dead, like I am feeling dull, feeling sleepy. This feeling dull, feeling sleepy, feeling dead, all of this is part of that (mind aspect). A standard statement can be said that if you just sit and do nothing your ego will completely die, forever. Because ego is nothing but attachment of the presence with the activities of the body-mind, where a feeling inside it continuously lives that ‘I am doing it’. Whereas the Truth is that majority, most of the amount of presence, the energy of the presence, is Still and kind of nicely sitting inside it, while just portion of it is playing in the form of body and mind activities. And because of its sense that ‘I am doing’ it does not acknowledge and live or feel and explore its own peacefulness, its own blissfulness, it depends on happiness – for happiness on the body and mind and the outcome of its actions. I mean that’s all I think I could say right now. Please now tell me how clear it is for you.

Questioner: Yeah, it’s it’s it’s very clear. There was something about this recognizing when you were saying that just seeing that there’s not really a doer, an individual doer, this was very juicy. (smiles)

Rajee : Yes, there is something which I call intuition. There is a sort of an impulse of the whole of life, like the center of life, and then there is an impulse of every Being, like there is a center of every Being, like an Individual Being or Separate Being, let’s say, and it is like a loving message given to every Being that ‘What to do now?’ at any point of time? So this is how actions are taking place in harmony with everybody else’s actions.

In each body either we can live under the impression that I am doing it, this is an impression, meaning this is like an inner climate. There is no ‘I’ living in the impression that, ‘I am living it’. It is the I-less consciousness, the presence, which is living in under the impression that ‘I, I am this’. So it is not that I am the doer in which doer part is false and I is not. I is also false. When you are not attached to anything, there is no I. I only is highlighted or is felt as a solidness or as a separate existence when it attaches itself to something.

I would say, like the valid question will be, What to do now? If this understanding does not make you free right now, then do whatever you have to do in terms of doing of life, and more and more spend time and conserve time and conserve energy and spend that energy in observing what’s going on really? Like when I do something what exactly happens? Like try to observe, observe the end-to-end flow of energy, like instructions inside you, like ‘OK, I want to do this.’ So like how exactly ‘I’ do it? Prajot, if you remember, we were doing some experiments on the beach when we were walking. I asked you that just see how exactly you are walking, meaning how you take your step up and down. How exactly you do it? Just try to find out how you do it? And then you decoded this thing. It will become clear to you, you will start giggling from inside ‘He, he, he, he’, it’s funny, no? Because in a way I am doing it but in a way I am not doing it. Because it cannot happen without your permission. But how exactly I am doing? I don’t know really. But something very deep will become clear here. And also cleaning happens here, cleaning of this unconscious or kind of sleep state of affairs where always I feel I am doing it.

Does it resonate? Anything else you want to say now?

Questioner: It resonates, Ya. (smiles)

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group Meeting 26th July, 2018)

You be the Root not the Expression

Questioner – Is there any chance to know myself as I am lazy or irresponsible?

Rajee – You are, Thank God you accepted it finally(laughs).

As far as waking up is concerned, there is just no problem, except that you need to be clear about it. It’s not about being lazy or careless. If you can be fully lazy and careless, you are done. But we are lazy and careless about sadhana or let’s say about waking up and we are not lazy and careless about everything else, (laughs) or most of the things. Then this what you call duel policy or what we call double standard; this double standard is not good. Be lazy and careless about everything, which mostly you cannot, if you are conscious enough. In an unconscious state one can be in a less conscious state of being. There are many human beings who are like this, but once you have a certain degree of consciousness you cannot be careless and lazy about everything. I mean the height of laziness is that – somebody is lying under a tree, under a grapes tree and waiting for a grape to fall in his mouth, because he says, once I open my mouth I can keep it like this. There is no work involved in it, but who will stand up and pluck this grape and put in the mouth? Wind will blow, life will move, the grape will get ripe in time, I can wait. I am not in a hurry.

So this is the height. You have to achieve the height, if you want to touch God. God is the height in everything. So whatever it is, whether it is lazy or not. You have to choose your expression, whatever is your expression, lazy expression, not lazy expression. Shine it, shine in it fully. Reach to the peak of it. Whatever is your expression actually, whether it is lazy, careless so be hundred percent lazy and careless, now don’t try to touch the opposite. The mind lives in opposites, the ego state can survive only in the opposites . Like when you are too careful, too alert and active then you feel I am too alert and active, I need to start relaxing a bit. When you start relaxing a bit, you start relaxing a bit too much, then you start sensing that I am lazy and careless. And if you continue you will sense that I am too lazy, too careless. (By the way) A lazy being does not feel I am lazy, a careless being cannot notice that I am careless. A careful being can notice that I am careless, I am being careless right now. Like my behaviour, my expression is careless right now. An active being only can notice that I am lazy. So what is your heart’s desire that you must discover, sense, feel inside you. Are you, do you want to be active or do you want to be lazy? If you want to be active, be active. Who stops you? If you want to be lazy, be lazy. Who stops you? So end this duality and conflict inside you. It will result in exactly same thing, the totality of it within ourselves results in only one and the same thing; living the Totality of Life and knowing what we are. This is what is the result of it.

I hope, I answered in some way.

Questioner: Ji very much.

Rajee – So come to One side, either active or passive, either lazy or alert, either careful or careless. If you can reach to the peak of carefulness without being too much obsessive about it or without being caught up by the mind ideas about it, like the real carefulness not the carefulness – a standard that you can carry or somebody else carries for you. You yourself keep improving, you will reach to yourself. Because the self only can be extremely or ultimately careful, which is basically beyond the standards of careful and careless. It will do exactly what is appropriate to be done. It never misses anything important actually. Go to the depth of anything that you are experiencing, choose your own expression inside you which is your favourite expression. Like for example you say, ”I want to be spontaneous.” so then be only spontaneous not opposite of it, not sometime spontaneous some time not. Then be, let every breath every second of your life be spontaneous. You are home, like this. These are different expressions, means they are like branches coming out of yourself. Touch any of them it will take you home, to the roots from where these expressions come; where you are already total and you don’t have any possibility of opposite of it. Opposite is only possible in the expressions, in the field of expressions, in the field of manifestation like somebody is lazy and somebody is not, somebody is careful and somebody is careless. Two different expressions but of the same thing, they are two different expressions of the same root, you know? You be the Root not the Expression. And that is only possible when you choose one expression inside yourself. If you choose more than one inside you, you are playing in the same field. Manifestation is just manifestation of Truth, it does not really impose any duality, or any conflict or any trouble. It is our point of view, way of looking at it that imposes this conflict or sense of duality. When you look at a tree, do you see that – every branch, every flower, every leaf that you see is duality and it is a problem? No, you see it is a wholistic expression of the tree. This whole thing is called a tree. And it is not separate from each other. But in life when we look at it from the personal standpoint then we see things like this.

Satsang is not really a process of giving you something. It is more in a way opportunity for you to See more clearly, so that it kind of refines in a way, there is some kind of refinement which is taking place in all of you. Actually it is taking place like a, not chemical but an energetic refinement. You yourself become more and more clear. You are finishing your options in a way that, “OK this is not the answer”, “this is not the answer.” Like this. (smiles)

(Excerpts from Spontaneous talks, April 2018, Pune)

The “ Wake Up” Mantra

You know yourself, when you wake up to who you are. This is the sequence. You can not know yourself without waking up to who you are, from what you think you are. So you have to wake up from what you think you are to what you are really, and then you will know yourself. So, if you want to know yourself, wake up. If you want to be happy, wake up. If you want to know the truth of life, wake up. If you want to enjoy life, wake up. If you want to live a spontaneous life, wake up. If you want to live life free from suffering, hassel, sense of responsibility, wake up.

There is really no other answer, we only believe that there has to be some other answer for my problems. So if there is no other answer, to anything, that is sense of struggle in us, then how it can be difficult or impossible? Then if it is impossible or difficult, let’s say for you in this case, then life has created a strange thing. Then you are in a trap of almost long suffering, long trap of suffering in this case. No? The problem we are experiencing will be solved only when you wake up and you can not (do not want to) wake up, so it’s an impossibility, then you are left with to do nothing.

So, this is what I am trying to tell you that waking up is a sure shot, is the only thing which can be guaranteed actually. But question is, how much you are enjoying life? How much you are suffering it? That basically is the key here. But if you are enjoying life, it basically means that life has problems but it’s OK, it will do. Like “I am OK with this”. But when you say it is not OK with this, then you will try to make some fundamental changes by changing location, relation and job and so on. And if it doesn’t work then you will try something else like, adventure, sports and so on. When even that doesn’t work then you will try may be art and even that doesn’t work then we will try philosophy, literature and so on. And even when that doesn’t work then you know that the problem is still there, I am not happy with life or the way life is for me or the way I am experiencing life, and yet it is not solved. So, then we will try to find some radical way. Then only mostly we will accept that, Really Truly we will accept that waking up is the (only) way. Otherwise mostly it looks like too big an achievement (smiles). It is not really, it is not a too big achievement. It is just that what we are living with, living in, is almost like an experiencial dream, not like a dream separate from experience. If you stop caring about experiences, if you stop valuing experiences you are out of it, into your true state.

(Excerpts from Spontaneous talks, April 2018, Pune)

The Power of merging or meeting

The Power of merging or meeting, a true meeting, is so much actually. When we are meeting as two people, then life is enjoying separately from each other. It is like two selves meeting, which are separate from each other. And somehow, even for few minutes, we are able to relax into This-ness, into each other also, and merge into each other also sometime even, then the deeper Self than the personal self is kind of tasted by the individual, the personal Selfs. And based on our capacity also it is understood or seen or discovered also, upto the extent that we don’t forget even, after this meeting, after this joy of merging into each other. And if such a merging continues, and we allow ourselves to be merged into something beyond ourself, then slowly the deeper self, starts functioning in a way. Functioning means, it starts functioning in you.. Meaning, it kind of takes over you – the person. And you the person discovers that I am the deeper self, not the person. Person is a function, not a reality. I am the reality, person is my activity. Like this you discover, slowly slowly. And if you continue like this, in your deeper self state, you will discover, there is a deepest state also, beyond this actually, where you see that living as the deeper Self is not so different than living as a person. It is the same material, without giving any shape. So, Presence is the material the person is made of. But we value – the shape of the person, the mask, the image, the body the conditioning, the thoughts, the way of looking – more, that we don’t value the material it is made of. The thoughts, the body, the mind, the intellect, the intelligence, creativity, everything that we can experience in ourself is made of the consciousness, that is Presence, that is what you are actually.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting 4th June, 2018)

Maya can affect Maya, cannot affect the Witness

Questioner: I just want to connect with you, it’s been a busy few weeks and just been absorbed in sort of worldly activities and sort of (wish to) start fresh and sort of recommit myself to this exploration.

Rajee – Yes, yes, very nice, very nice.
I mean for connecting with the Truth, everybody actually has to do the same thing, that come back Here where you are. But it is not possible to come back where we are, because of our engagement with the mind. You feel that “I am caught up in the mind” and (where as) I see you are not. What to do now? This is strange thing. So this is why probably you need some help. This help is called satsang.

So if you feel that you are caught up (in the mind), it is not really what is being caught up. (In actual sense)What is being caught up is thinking about being caught up. Now you are not caught up (so) why you are thinking about it? Now you have come to satsang, now why there is need to think about it? And like this you can so naturally come back and reconnect with yourself.

You have to begin somewhere and this beginning has to be Stopping, not moving. If you want to come back to yourself, begin by stopping, begin by not moving. If you want to go out of yourself, begin by moving.

So when you stop, what happens? Right now you stop and then see what happens. You stop and that restlessness which is causing, which is asking you to move still continues and that’s how we get trapped again into the trap of mind that,”Oh, I stopped but still the trouble has not been resolved yet”, then we try to solve it, then we move, then we give the momentum to the mind more, and that’s how this becomes a Catch 22. Chasing your own tail. You can never do it; Never, never.(Rajee laughs)
So begin by stopping and have patience, have patience to experiment and to see the results of it. What do you say dear?

Questioner: Ya, I feel that, this is what I needed to hear, there was, there’s lot of energy turning in the last while and it was trying to stop and then just there was so much discomfort, I would just jump right out of it, yeah, and it just resonates to me what you’re saying.

Rajee – And when you feel like jump, rather than jumping out of it, jump into your Self which is actually equal to jumping out of it. If you jump out of it but not jumping into your Self then you are not jumping out of it actually. Then it is just another portion or part of consciousness which appears to be more still, more pleasant, more joyful right now, but it’s going to turn into this same thing again after some time. So jump in your Self which is radically different than this consciousness which moves, which changes. I mean probably some people will not like it but this part of consciousness which moves is called Maya or mind – the universal mind, which has small portions, in itself which are called individual minds or personal minds. The Seer of life is the Seer of the universal mind, not only individual mind and that’s how it is free from mind and its effects. Mind can affect mind only, mind cannot affect the Seer of mind. Maya can affect Maya, cannot affect the witness. So jump in, into that space, that radically different position which is witnessing position. Witnessing means you are not concerned, how things will turn, which way things will go, if you remain noisy. If your mind remains noisy, it’s fine you don’t mind and if you feel that, ‘No, what do you mean if my mind remains noisy then what is the point of spiritual growth and spiritual awakening?’, then it means you are affected by the noise of mind. Check, who are you? Who is affected by the noise of mind? Because as far as I know you are not affected and you say ‘I am affected by the noise of mind.’ Like you say that, “I need to bring my state in a certain way”. I say you don’t need to. So the You which I know does not need its state to be peaceful, its noisy state is same for it as its peaceful state. The noisy state of the ocean is same for the ocean as its peaceful state, where there are no waves. If you have objection about the noisy state of the ocean, of your being, of your mind then check, who are you? Who has objection about it? Are you not a misunderstanding? Or are you not holding onto some misunderstanding about your life, about your mind, and about your state? Just check this. This much will be enough to wake up to what you are.

(Excerpts from weekly reconnect call with Focus Group Members, April 2018)

Just Be Present and go to the Root

Questioner – Is it important to see all the machinations and the compulsion of the ego and mind when you are waking up? And is it important to confront them with the presence? Is it important?

Rajee – It is like this. What you are saying is like this. When you are waking up basically means, you are turning your attention inwards. This is what is waking up. Unless you turn your attention inwards, you cannot see what is beyond the person, beyond the ego. And that is your Presence, your sweet Enlightened Presence inside you. So, it means that waking up means turning your attention inwards in the direction of the ‘I’ which is beyond the sense of being an individual person, a separate person. And that basically involves collapsing of the structure of Ego and many tendencies which are suppressed and many memories which are also being held in some way by the sense of person – they will surface. They will kind of stir up. And what started this whole thing was your attention turning inward, and your attention now focussing itself onto what you are beyond the sense of person. If all this stirring up cannot distract you, meaning your attention from inward then you don’t have to attend anything. If you can keep your focus inward, in the direction of the self that you are, the presence that you are, you don’t have to attend anything at all. But if, continuously, your attention is wavering from in to out, then you must find out the root cause of that; not every item, but may be kind of a root of many items, few items. Then you will reach to some root cause of something like an impulse inside you (or) some deep memory of something which you were not even aware of. Like there are some experiences inside us which have a sort of memory also but we cannot correlate, that what exactly it is? Some faces that we don’t even recognize sometime.

So, just Be Present and go to the root of it and just be present Here. And that will take care (of it). Because the root has to be released, the unconsciousness has to be released. Otherwise it will keep producing or keep releasing the unconscious energies in bits and pieces and you will be troubled continuously and distracted. So if you can avoid, (it is) the best; ignore, (it is)the best; cannot ignore then look into it. Go with all your power of your presence and your neutral seeing.

I hope I answered your question? Ok (smiles)

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, 6th June 2018)