Resolving conflicts caused by Resistance

What’s Resistance?
Resistance basically is a psychological division in our mind which does not want to participate in a particular activity. So we are never total in the activity and so results of the activity are never satisfying. Its like driving a car with one foot on accelerator and another on the break pedal, you will put lot of efforts, lot of fuel will be burnt but the car will hardly move. Resistance mainly exists in mind due to lack of clarity in that part of mind, its a grey area of the mind which has not been brought into the light.

How to expose resistance?
If you are feeling resistance inside yourself for the activity you are presently doing then suspend the activity for the time being and go to the place of resistance inside yourself, to that part of yourself which doesn’t want to participate in the activity. Go there and check why it is so, go to the very root of it and you will find the solution. Its like allowing your conflicting part to have it’s say, listen to it carefully. Either the resistance will be exposed as not true or you will agree to it and will stop the activity you were doing.

After doing this exercise, if you don’t feel any resistance then start the activity again. If you feel you are still not total and you feel some resistance somewhere, then again suspend the activity, locate the resistance and expose it.

Keep doing iterations of this exercise until all the resistance is exposed. Once all the resistance is exposed, either you will do the activity totally or you will drop is all together, and in both the cases there will be no inner conflict.


Discovering yourself – 2 minute capsule

Self-enquiry in itself is a complete process of discovering your true self but here we are going to focus on mini version of it.

Some benefits
– The more you discover yourself, the more you are. You will feel more stable, more expended, present in everything.
– You will feel more and more joyful each day because joy is a natural quality of your deeper self.
– You will see inner conflicts resolving naturally because you are withdrawing your energy from them and using this energy to discover yourself.
– You don’t need to spare too much time for it and you can use it along the line of your daily schedule.

The Exercise
Just for 2 minutes bring your attention on the experiencer of everything within yourself. To better understand it, whatever you are doing at any point of time is sort of experience through your senses and beyond. Whether you are listening, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, thinking, feeling or sensing, always there is someone inside yourself that receives this experience. For 2 minutes move your attention from the experience and bring it to the one who is experiencing. When you are listening to something, forget what you are listing and pay attention only to who is listening, just for 2 minutes. Do this exercise as many times as you enjoy, in the day time.

Some Tips
Stop practicing this exercise 2 hours before sleeping. If your attention naturally comes to the experiencer then there is no harm but stop putting in any efforts 2 hours before sleep.

The best time to start practicing this exercise would be the moment you feel you are awake, even if you have not opened your eyes yet.

In the beginning mind would suggest that its you only who is experiencing it so why do this exercise, just don’t regard any kind of mental response during this exercise. No need to fight with mind but don’t support mind either.

Do not imagine or think about it, you need to feel yourself who is the experiencer of everything.

Do it casually, there is no need to be serious about it. You are just exploring yourself and you are already there.

If you don’t feel anything in the beginning, its ok. Don’t give up, keep trying, soon you will be able to discover the joy of it.

Taking a day-off from mind

Knowingly or unknowingly we are continuously using our mind powers without any breaks. Except in deep sleep our mind keeps ‘working for us’. Now this is a matter of investigation whether our mind is working for us or against us, but its a different topic which need to be discussed separately. But it remains a fact that our mind doesn’t take any breaks, doesn’t take any rest in between, which obviously is driving our mind crazy. Our mind is not able to function efficiently because of the stress created by this continuous working.

So what we can get out of this day-off from mind?
– Body can function according to its own laws because mind is not going to interfere and body will feel rejuvenated
– Mind will get lot of rest from a day’s inactivity
– It will reduce overall stress level
– Body and mind will get chance to synchronize with each other
– You will get opportunity to explore deeper levels of existence beyond body-mind system

Since our mind has been working for ever, the whole functioning of mind has become very mechanical, robot like. So even if you decide not to use your mind for a day, it would continue working. In fact it might fight with you and might not allow you to shut it down. By using these tips you can help your mind shut down smoothly.

Some Preparations
– Choose a day when you don’t have to do any urgent work
– It would be best if you can stay alone in your place
– Depending on your situation, you might choose to inform your friends and family that you are going to be very busy with yourself so you don’t expect any visits or calls
– Arrange some good music, only audio. Instrumental music would be better but it depends on your taste
– Arrange some good food for yourself
– Keep some loose and comfortable dresses ready

Starting your day
When you wake up in the morning, stay on the bed for few moments without doing anything. If you feel like lying down (but not sleeping), do so. Now start your day very slowly. Do everything as slowly as possible, it might feel strange in the beginning but soon you will be able to feel the joy of it.

Make a cup of Tea for yourself, slowly. Enjoy each and every part of making tea. It might feel strange or even stupid but soon you will discover joy of it. Now tea is ready. Take it to your favorite place and enjoy it. You may choose to listen to some nice music while having tea.

If you have not done it last night, then turn off your mobile phone, computer and other such devices now, which connect you with others.

So what’s next
There is no next today. Let your day flow as it flows. Today is a day of no planning, no schedule, no deadlines, no time crunch. Spend as much time as you like in anything you are presently enjoying. Today choose random actions and activities over planned ones.

Some Tips
Remember that you will not be judged by the end of this day. There is no better option than what you are doing right now and there is no better way of doing it. There is nothing that you are expecting out of the current activity. The activity itself is complete. Enjoying what you are doing right now is the only outcome of it.Physical activities will help a lot in relaxing. These activities may include taking long shower, laying in bath tub, dancing, spot jogging, jumping, doing crazy movements with your body, cleaning, preparing food etc. Gardening is one of the best stress busters so if possible spend time with your lovely plants and flowers.

Whenever you feel restlessness in your mind, get involved in some of your favorite physical activity or get something nice to eat.

Taking a quick nap can be a good idea. It will give your body and mind bonus rest.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

How to use Self-enquiry effectively

Self-enquiry in most direct method of realizing true self. The focus always remains only on one thing that is ‘who am I’. There are different variants of self-enquiry that are practiced.Some of the versions of self-enquiry are
– Asking yourself ‘who am I?’
– Asking yourself ‘what am I?’
– Asking yourself ‘do I exist?’
– Finding the one who is suffering
– Finding the experiencer
– Finding the receiver of all experiences

If this method is not practiced correctly, it may becomes a mental process and may result in stress. Here are some pointers to help using this method effectively. Don’t use all the pointers at a time, choose correct ones  based on the version of self-enquiry you are practicing.

Dos —–

Sensing yourself, not seeing yourself
It is almost like using your power of sensing/feeling when you are in a dark room where there is no way to see anything directly. So put your efforts in sensing or feeling. If you try to see yourself in the conventional way, mind will divide itself into two parts, one the seer and other the seen. And it will create lot of stress.

Bring your attention at the place, where you are seeing from
When we start asking questions about self, mind starts giving answers in different forms, like thoughts, feelings, experiences etc. And it can keep you engaged for long time. To avoid such things, don’t focus on what you see but focus on the place from where the seeing is taking place. You may feel some restlessness but if you continually keep your focus on this place from where the seeing is taking place, very soon you will start relaxing in your true self.

Focus on the sense of existence within the body-mind
There is a natural sense of existence within each one of us. Just focus on this sense of existence. Just feel it and keep feeling it, very soon it will start giving beautiful results. You will start feeling naturally relaxed and happy, without any efforts at your end. But don’t try to see this sense of existence otherwise it may become very stressful.

Don’t s —-

Don’t try to ‘see’ yourself. What you see will automatically make it seen and you the seer
So it means you can never see yourself in a conventional way because whatever you can see will move you one step deeper than what you are seeing. But there is a natural awareness of the self that arises effortlessly once you are relaxed in the true self.

Don’t try to search yourself rather explore yourself
The fact that you are interested in knowing yourself is enough evidence that you already are. You don’t have to create yourself or grow yourself. Your true self is already present within, you just need to explore it.

Don’t think or imagine about yourself
Thinking and imagining about something is always ‘About’ something, its not that thing itself. Its like word Mango, which tells you a lot about a fruit but still its not the fruit itself and cannot give you taste of Mango. And here also we are trying to know the thinker and so we cannot know it within the box of thinking. The thinker is always outside the scope of thinking.

Don’t bother about mind being present or absent, empty or full, mind or no-mind.
Just don’t mind. These are all just words at this point of time, when you are trying to know yourself. And when you know yourself, then also they are just words. But if you start caring about such concepts then your mind can keep you busy for long and away from self discovery.

How to gain clarity in daily life?

We work most efficiently when act out of clarity. Although we seem to have forgotten it due to fast life, stress etc. Lets take a look how to come back to clarity.

Clarity can’t be achieved overnight. We will need to put in some effort and have little patience. But if we move in right direction, with little efforts we can gain lot of clarity.

So what’s the right direction?
Usually we have two type of questions to answer daily.
1. What to do?
2. How to do?

In this exercise we will put all our ‘How to do’ questions on autopilot. Meaning we will answer them in our habitual way, so we don’t need to spend any extra energy on them.

Now for our ‘What to do’ tasks we will practice a little exercise. Before doing any such task ask yourself ‘why i need to do this?’. You will start going deep in the investigation of it. Keep asking this until either you get clarity or you run out of time for it.

This will give you certain level of clarity about that task and also it will increase your overall clarity level.