Focus Group Information

Rajee has been sharing a monthly program called Focus Group for last 3 years, with seekers of truth. It was conceived in order to create a focused and intense environment for sincere beings, who are drawn to live life from a deeper presence-self and less personal perspective.

Who can join?
You can join if you
– talked/interacted with Rajee during several Sunday Satsangs.
– connect with Rajee’s teaching style.
– have the constant feeling inside you to discover your deeper presence-self.
If all three points are true for you, then you are welcome to apply for Focus Group.

The program
There are two mandatory meetings (Monday and Wednesday, 11.30am IST) every week.
Focus Group participants are also welcome to join Sunday Satsangs.
It is possible to join in-person in Pune (Koregaon Park) or Online via Zoom App.
All meetings are recorded and will be shared with the participants.
All the communication concerning Focus Group happens through a closed Telegram group.

Suggested contribution for Focus Group for this season is INR 10,000 per month per participant.

Rajee feels that nobody should miss the chance to join this intense group for financial reasons alone. Therefore concession is offered when needed and deemed fit by Rajee.

In order to make sure that you make the most from joining the group, Rajee likes to talk to everyone before joining.

If you would like to know more, or feel strongly in your heart to join Focus Group October, please write an email to

About Focus Group
A short video by Rajee