rajee Quotes

Stop Seeking
Stop seeking and start Living.
What you are searching for is right there, where you are;

Start living where you are, what you are,
And discover the ever present joy in your heart.

Invitation for light
I am inviting you to be in favour of light,
no need to fight with the darkness.

Whenever you need to choose,
choose in favour of light. Then your life will be full of light.
You choose in favour of darkness, your life will be full of darkness.
Isn’t it so simple?

Stop doing

You need to stop doing, so you can see where you are!
And now don’t start asking how to ‘stop doing’.

Check how you are doing anything.
You are holding your fist which is a doing.
If I say to you ‘Stop holding your fist’, what will you do?

Just for a moment do the same for all your doings,
and see Where are you now, How are you now and What are you now?

Just sitting
Can you sit for few minutes for no reason?
Just sitting, neither doing anything nor Not doing anything.

If you can just sit, the sky of your being starts getting clear by itself.
Everything starts coming back to its natural state.

All the imaginary divisions dissolve by themselves.
And what remains is your true nature,
Beyond mind, beyond words.

Self recognition and Life
It is not that your Self recognition will stop the flow of life.
Or change the nature of life that is changeful continuously.

Recognition of your own Self will clearly show you that changefulness of life does not affect you. Then you are free


One can live the whole life with eyes closed.
But if you open your eyes only once, then
It is impossible to live with closed eyes.

If you recognize your true self only for a moment,
You will never be the same again.
Because recognition is nothing but opening your eyes.

The Source
The source of life, the Pure Self is empty and full at the same time.
It is empty of all qualities and it is full of all possibilities.

The source of life is unlimited pool of pure potential.
And you are That.

The Great Illusion
O Beloved Seeker of Truth,
It is said this whole world – Samsara,
Is nothing but Illusion created by Name and Form.

Do you know what does it mean?
Do you want to have a taste of it?

Then try to separate Name from any Form and look at the Form again.
For a moment don’t value the Name ‘Tree’ that you have in your mind,
And now look at the Tree again. What do you see?

You see something else,
Which is definitely not the Tree that you know of.
If you continue seeing like this for some time,
You can see that which is ever present,
Which is obvious and yet missed continuously.

Call of the Cuckoo
Start of this beautiful day with the song of this restless cuckoo,
Calling continuously to the beloved.
Very mundane activities all around,
Usual chirping of birds,
Sound of running water from kitchen,
And all is perfect as it is, inseparable from each other.
Life is singing a song and dancing on it like anything.

A demand from the mind for life to be other than what it is,
And all the beauty disappears in an instant.

Beloved, have you tried not to pay any attention to this demand of mind,
While you continue enjoying the beauty of life that is present now?

The Seer
The one who sees through the eyes,
Also has capacity to see behind the eyes.
First confirm that eyes don’t see, it’s You who sees through the eyes.
Then you just need to change the direction from outward to inward.

Your version of Truth?
O beloved seeker of truth,
Stop for a moment and look.
Are you seeking for your version of truth?
Or you are seeking for the Truth, as it is?
Your version of truth will never be found because it doesn’t exist anywhere.
The Truth as it always is, is ever present within and without.
Stop searching for Truth and,
Start exploring the Truth which is already and always present in your own heart.


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