Understanding nature of mind

What is ‘My Mind’?
When someone says ‘My Mind’ is giving me trouble I understand whats been referred to but it does not sound appropriate to me. As I see to it, there is nothing called ‘My Mind’ as a separate entity. It is myself only using the powers of mind. But because of lack of understanding about powers and mechanism of mind, we feel there is something called mind which is creating trouble for us. Once we start understanding how mind functions, it will become clear that mind is an amazing but dead mechanism in itself. The power and life that runs it, is supplied by us only, knowingly or unknowingly.

Key triggers of mind
Mind is a wonderful system in itself. It gets triggered mainly by our interest in anything. If I am interested in anything, immediately mind starts functioning in that direction.

Another trigger for mind is belief. If you believe in anything in mind, then mind takes it very seriously, assuming its something very important for you. So it tries to protect a belief in every possible way.

It would be appropriate to see memory as data storage system. It has capacity to store everything from images, to sounds, to videos and more. In short it stores our experiences. And like most parts of mind, memory is also dead in itself. It is not the memory that creates trouble but our continuous visits to the memory that holds us in past;  And as a result of it we are absent from the present moment.

Power of imagination
Imagination happens through visualization power combined with memory. It  means our imagination can not go beyond the limits of what we have experienced so far. Its a wonderful tool for worldly activities but an obstacle in the way of clarity.

Crazy movement of thoughts
After understanding all these different aspects of mind (as mentioned above), one wonders whats the role of random thoughts that keep rotating in the head all the time? Thoughts are like offers of different products in a shopping mall. Thoughts in the mind are offers for different experiences. Because mind does not know what exactly you are looking for, it keeps all the options open and keeps showing you all the available options all the time.

Have you not noticed that when you wholeheartedly decide to do something, all kind of movements of mind stop and you feel no disturbances from mind. This happens because now you have clearly indicated to mind what exactly you want.


Are you up for clarity?

It has been my observation that most important thing to gain clarity is the intention and intensity. With many people it happens that they come to know about clarity from some sources and they start desiring it same as they would desire anything else. But since their energy is divided in many desires, they are not able to give full energy to the attempt for clarity. And without full intention and intensity you will not gain anything out of the process of clarity. And like everything else clarity also has a cost to it.

So lets check whats the cost of clarity?
The only cost of clarity is letting go of confusion, which is caused mainly because of some beliefs, opinions and judgments. The process of clarity would make some changes happen within the seeker of clarity. If you expect that you can gain clarity without changing anything inside you or in your life, it is simply not possible.

Are we ready to pay the cost of clarity?
If you come to know that your favorite belief is the root of your present confusion, would you let it go? I am not saying that you would need to leave all your beliefs. May be you would not need to do anything about anything.  A belief stays within only because we take it as truth. The moment you see a belief as belief it drops by itself. But I am talking about the attitude with which you go into the process of clarity. When encountered,  first a belief might seem something very precious and you might not prefer to let it go even at the cost of not having clarity. So go into the process of clarity with the attitude that whatever the cost, I want clarity. And if you don’t feel this attitude then its much better to suffer in confusion. This suffering would prepare ground for yourself to go into clarity process totally.

And without intention there is no intensity. So lets put our efforts in something which we really want.