Resolving conflicts caused by Resistance

What’s Resistance?
Resistance basically is a psychological division in our mind which does not want to participate in a particular activity. So we are never total in the activity and so results of the activity are never satisfying. Its like driving a car with one foot on accelerator and another on the break pedal, you will put lot of efforts, lot of fuel will be burnt but the car will hardly move. Resistance mainly exists in mind due to lack of clarity in that part of mind, its a grey area of the mind which has not been brought into the light.

How to expose resistance?
If you are feeling resistance inside yourself for the activity you are presently doing then suspend the activity for the time being and go to the place of resistance inside yourself, to that part of yourself which doesn’t want to participate in the activity. Go there and check why it is so, go to the very root of it and you will find the solution. Its like allowing your conflicting part to have it’s say, listen to it carefully. Either the resistance will be exposed as not true or you will agree to it and will stop the activity you were doing.

After doing this exercise, if you don’t feel any resistance then start the activity again. If you feel you are still not total and you feel some resistance somewhere, then again suspend the activity, locate the resistance and expose it.

Keep doing iterations of this exercise until all the resistance is exposed. Once all the resistance is exposed, either you will do the activity totally or you will drop is all together, and in both the cases there will be no inner conflict.