‘I’ have a problem?

All the problems of life can be boiled down to one thing that ‘I have a problem’. And if we de-construct it carefully, we can see that there is ‘I’ which has ‘a problem’.

Most of these problems exist for the simple reason that we put no attention on ‘I’. The moment light of attention comes to ‘I’ most of these problems are not found to be true.The very nature of ‘I’ is that it remains untouched by anything experienced by it.

But the trouble comes from a middle layer between I and experience. This middle layer contains a feeling, a belief that this experience is ‘happening to me’. However in reality this experience is happening in front of ‘I’, not to ‘I’ itself.

The pure ‘I’ is never overwhelmed by any experience whatsoever.

So the solution for all the problems can be very simple, find out pure nature of ‘I’ and relax.

*Refer to post ‘How to use Self-enquiry effectively’ for more info on the process of finding the pure ‘I’