Discovering yourself – 2 minute capsule

Self-enquiry in itself is a complete process of discovering your true self but here we are going to focus on mini version of it.

Some benefits
– The more you discover yourself, the more you are. You will feel more stable, more expended, present in everything.
– You will feel more and more joyful each day because joy is a natural quality of your deeper self.
– You will see inner conflicts resolving naturally because you are withdrawing your energy from them and using this energy to discover yourself.
– You don’t need to spare too much time for it and you can use it along the line of your daily schedule.

The Exercise
Just for 2 minutes bring your attention on the experiencer of everything within yourself. To better understand it, whatever you are doing at any point of time is sort of experience through your senses and beyond. Whether you are listening, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, thinking, feeling or sensing, always there is someone inside yourself that receives this experience. For 2 minutes move your attention from the experience and bring it to the one who is experiencing. When you are listening to something, forget what you are listing and pay attention only to who is listening, just for 2 minutes. Do this exercise as many times as you enjoy, in the day time.

Some Tips
Stop practicing this exercise 2 hours before sleeping. If your attention naturally comes to the experiencer then there is no harm but stop putting in any efforts 2 hours before sleep.

The best time to start practicing this exercise would be the moment you feel you are awake, even if you have not opened your eyes yet.

In the beginning mind would suggest that its you only who is experiencing it so why do this exercise, just don’t regard any kind of mental response during this exercise. No need to fight with mind but don’t support mind either.

Do not imagine or think about it, you need to feel yourself who is the experiencer of everything.

Do it casually, there is no need to be serious about it. You are just exploring yourself and you are already there.

If you don’t feel anything in the beginning, its ok. Don’t give up, keep trying, soon you will be able to discover the joy of it.


Thinking vs Living

Thinking is not living. They are two different aspects of our life. And it is living not thinking that gives you joy, fulfillment, contentment in life. And a fine balance of both of these aspects is required in life, in order to be joyful, full of life.Most of us have a feeling that something is lacking in life, even if we have everything that once we thought would make us happy. It’s the life itself thats lacking. We are missing the opportunity of living life every moment, every day and we know it deep down in our heart. And it makes us sad, discontent.

So whats the way out?
Get to know this clearly that thinking is required for preparations of life and ‘You’ are required to live it. You can know this very easily if you look into your life moment by moment, event by event.

An event where preparations are perfect but you are not fully present there for some reason, you simply missed that moment of life. It simply passed without you living it. This event is added in the unlived events of your life in memory.

It is the unlived life that makes you restless. So start living it now. Plan your weekend well, but focus more on living it.