What is Non-Duality teaching?

In the most simple way, it is seeing clearly that we are never separate from life, from source. And in this seeing you recognize that you are life itself. You may call it life, source, oneness it simply does not matter, it has no names. It is seeing life beyond personal perspective. And then what you see is Truth as it always and already is.


Let go of habit of defining everything

The life is immediately available to be lived, to be loved and it is through living the life that we know it. But it does not seem true for most of us. We all need to do lot of effort to get a small moment of living life totally. The reason behind this is the habit of defining life. Because we are engaged in defining the experience that life has presented to us, we are not available, not present in the experience and so we are not able to have a connection with it. And you know what? there is nothing more joyful then experiencing the freshness of life each moment.

So why we try to define everything?
The sole purpose of definitions is communication with others. Normally if I have to express something to someone, it is possible through some set of definitions which are common for both the speaker and the listener. But out of long practice, we have completely forgotten that we don’t need to express everything to others, so we don’t need to define everything. And even if we need to define it to others, whats the point in interfering the live experience when its happening. Anyway we can define it later because its stored in the memory.Lets experience it now

Just stay with whatever life has presented you in this moment, not trying to define it, not trying to understand it and see the magic. Without any effort you enter into the real life, experiencing it directly, no barriers between you and life. Habit of defining is what is in the way, so let go of it and be merged in life totally, floating in the ocean of life.

How to gain clarity in daily life?

We work most efficiently when act out of clarity. Although we seem to have forgotten it due to fast life, stress etc. Lets take a look how to come back to clarity.

Clarity can’t be achieved overnight. We will need to put in some effort and have little patience. But if we move in right direction, with little efforts we can gain lot of clarity.

So what’s the right direction?
Usually we have two type of questions to answer daily.
1. What to do?
2. How to do?

In this exercise we will put all our ‘How to do’ questions on autopilot. Meaning we will answer them in our habitual way, so we don’t need to spend any extra energy on them.

Now for our ‘What to do’ tasks we will practice a little exercise. Before doing any such task ask yourself ‘why i need to do this?’. You will start going deep in the investigation of it. Keep asking this until either you get clarity or you run out of time for it.

This will give you certain level of clarity about that task and also it will increase your overall clarity level.