Live the question before seeking answer

Most of our questions sound questions of a child who is constantly asking something out of sheer curiosity but before you answer his question he starts asking next question. He is not really bothered about answers, he has a sort of restlessness which is forcing him to ask questions.

But remember that to get a long lasting answer you will need to first live the question well. This living of the question prepares the ground in which a real answer grows like a plant, it takes time but it is stable.

Another way of looking at it is that, to pull a real answer from the universal answer bank, you need a real question. A question that can sustain the journey from mind to heart, a question that can stand the heat of the search for answer.

How to live the question?
Allow the question to stay with you in every mood and in every situation, this will test the strength of the question. If there is something more important than the question then the question will disappear after some time. But if its a real question that you want to know from your whole heart, it will survive the continuous changes that life does to our moods, desires, feelings etc. and gradually the question will sink into your heart

And if a question survives the test of living it and it continues to live in your heart then there is nothing that can stop you from getting an answer for it. Very soon it will become a longing in the heart, a pure desire. And life always answers questions of your heart, fulfills pure desires of your heart.